Ford Credit | Red Carpet Lease

Ford Motor Credit knows you want more control over your vehicle ownership experience, which is why we offer flexible leasing plans that will help lower your monthly payment and give you the option to buy. Our dealer welcomes your questions and we've prepared a detailed guide for assessing the type of lease that will best fit your needs.

Your dedicated sales associate here at Stuart Powell will be happy to tell you about the unique specials and incentives offered along side leasing and the benefits to the program.

Lincoln Automotive Financial Services | Red Carpet Lease

Lincoln's Red Carpet Lease program is a convenient way to acquire the new Lincoln you have been dreaming of while still maintaining financing that fits comfortable in your lifestyle. You have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury and technology more often. You no longer have to drive the outdated car with high mileage that you are paying too much for.

Our dedicated sales staff here at Stuart Powell is here to explain how flexible terms, mileage options, and payment options, can greatly benefit the Lincoln luxury clientele.


About Vehicle Leasing

Enjoy more control with plans designed to fit your life.

Every few years you like to change things up or you're perhaps looking to lower your monthly payment. For you, leasing with Ford Credit or Lincoln Automotive Financial Services is a great option and allows you to choose how long you wish to drive your new vehicle.

Let's take a look at the benefits of your future lease with Ford or Lincoln. While Stuart Powell can walk you through a personalized consultation and to see if leasing is for you, here are a few facts about the programs:

Benefits Include:
The flexibility for you to select the term of your lease based on...
  • How long you want to drive your car
  • Your desired monthly payment
  • How many miles you drive per year
  • If you always want your vehicle to be under warranty

By leasing, drivers can:
  • Trade in your vehicle for a new Ford or Lincoln every few years
  • Enjoy flexible terms and lower monthly payments (on average versus buying)
  • Retain the option to buy your Ford or Lincoln when you are ready

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