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  • Patti Powell,
    Dealer Principal

    Patti, the daughter of Stuart Powell, has been working here since 1989 after spending ten years in the advertising industry. When she is not at the dealership you can usually find her in one of her favorite Danville hot spots. If it is time for The Great American Brass Band Festival be sure to wave as she sits proudly as last trumpet! It it is before any sane person would be awake, check the Wellness Center's Boot Camp because running is another one of her passions! Finally, if Patti is ever lucky enough to have time off of work and have a day away from this crazy work family you can find her off traveling the world with her husband or delighting in his marvelous cooking.

  • Robbie Todd,
    Sales Manager

    Robbie has been in the business for over 30 years (and he is still a young man...just ask to see the photo in his office). It is rare that someone finds a career that they are truly passionate about and Robbie found that at a young age. He most enjoys working with the customers and making the deals come together without making them feel as pressured as they would at another dealership. When he is not working you can find him spending time with his family or with his church family.

  • John Tyler,
    Sales Manager / Finance

    John "The Karaoke King" Tyler as he is better known around here, has been with the Stuart Powell family for just over 27 years now. Another native of the beautiful Mercer County, he has recently taken up woodworking in his off time (and has quite the talent). As you can tell, John is a jack of all trades and that is his favorite thing about being at Stuart Powell! He loves taking care of the multitude of things we must do in the day-to-day here and meeting the range of people we meet as well.

  • Chris Miller,
    Finance Manager

    When you purchase a vehicle or a warranty here at Stuart Powell, Chris is the man who is here to help you make sure you are getting the most for your money. His passion is helping people and getting to know everyone who walks through our doors...and we all need help these days. A Ohio native and Lancaster transplant, Chris has been with the Stuart Powell family for just around ten years now. What is Chris' greatest "accomplishment"? Apparently he made thirteen shots in a row from mid-court in high school basketball practice...mmhmmmm ;)

  • Mike Howard,
    Detail Manager

    Mike is a local boy and car guy through and through. When he is not working back in the detail department you can usually find him at the race track or watching the race on television. Mike has been with us as the Detail Manager for the past six years and his attention to detail is what takes our lot over the top. You will not find a better detail department in the area...period.

  • Sharron Miller,
    Office Manager

    "Just because you are at work does not mean you have to take life too seriously" - words to live by. Sharron has been with the Stuart Powell family as the Office Manager for just over 34 years now and she truly enjoys working with her fellow co-workers and interacting with the customers on a daily basis. If the sun is shining and it is not raining you can usually find her on the golf course on her off time or if the weather take a down time her family has the pleasure of her acquaintance.

  • Kay Edgington,
    Sales Consultant

    br>Kay is a veteran here, having been with the dealership now over 40 years. After graduating from Garrard County High School Kay came to work for Mr. Powell and has been with him ever since. Her favorite part of being here is the relationship she has been able to build with each and every one of her customers over the years. On her down time Kay has been able to travel to Antigua, Africa, Jamaica, and several placed in Kentucky on mission trips. She truly credits these experiences with changing her life. When she isn't here spending time with customers or off traveling the world you can find her hanging out with friends and family dancing and taking pictures (hopefully not at the same time).

  • Roger Keck,
    Sales Consultant

    One of the veterans on the sales staff, Roger has been with the dealership for 21 years now. Originally from Corbin, Roger now resides in Richmond with his wife and son. When he is not at the dealership he enjoys coaching his sons travel baseball team to victory or riding his motorcycle on a warm summer day.

  • Ron Long,
    Sales Consultant

    One of our many local boys, Ron has lived in Mercer County all of his life. As ever-changing as the world can be, Ron loves that the automotive world keeps you on your toes and allows you to meet new people every day! In the 1940s Ron's father owned a car business so he  has been around the industry and selling cars for over 50 years, 21 of which have been with Stuart Powell. When he is not around the business he loves you can find him spending time with his grandchildren or great-grandchildren, playing tennis, or working in the yard.

  • David Wix,
    Sales Consultant

    David, a native from Lancaster, has been with the Stuart Powell family for just over 8 years now. His favorite part of working at the dealership is meeting the thousands of people we meet in a year and working with the many different personalities. Want to know something you would never guess about David?  He likes astronomy! When he is not staring up into the stars or selling cars you can find him following all of the local college sports teams...but unfortunately he is originally from Louisville.

  • Alan Jeffries ,
    Master Certified Service Technician

    Alan is a Ford Senior Master Certified Service Technician, which means he has top certification in all areas of diesel and gas engine service. Having this certifications means we keep Alan a busy boy! When we don't have him running around working on every engine and transmission under the sun Alan enjoys fishing and online gaming.

  • Lee Naylor,
    Service Advisor

    Service advisor, hunter, fisher, NASCAR fan, and UK basketball fan...that pretty much sums up Lee! A Danville native, Less has been with the dealership for 15 years now. When asked what he enjoys most about what he does here he did not answer anything about service, the customers (sorry), he enjoys his co-workers and the environment we build. That truly is something to say for this Stuart Powell Family.

  • Greg Palfrey,
    Service Advisor

    Greg is another Harrodsburg man who has been with us as a Service Advisor for eight years now. If you can drag him out of his garage (AKA "the Doghouse") and away from the NASCAR race he can be found behind the service desk guiding service customers through proper automobile maintenance. What is Greg's fun fact you ask? Greg married the same lovely woman twice and he could not be happier.

  • Steve Wethington,
    Service Technician

    What three things would you not normally group together? Gospel singer, outdoors man, service technician...that is our man Steve! Impressive! Steve has been with the Stuart Powell Service team for seventeen years now and he is and he is a huge part of our success in the department. When he is not performing his favorite alignments, mechanical, suspension work, you can almost always find him hunting, fishing, or boating.

  • Keith Matthews,
    Service Technician

  • Paul Massey,
    Service Technician

    Paul, originally from Danville, has been with us for 20 years now. When he is not spending time at the dealership fixing cars and being with all of our amazing customers he enjoys riding four wheelers.

  • Keith Lay,
    Parts Advisor

  • Willie Clark,
    Parts Advisor

    Another long time employee and Lancaster native, Willie has been with Stuart Powell for 26 years now. Willie loves working with the public and his group of co-workers and friends here at the dealership. When asked to tell the world something interesting about himself he stated, "I'm me everyday and I love my kids and grand kids." We can't argue with that.

  • Jeff Hogue,
    Parts Advisor

    Jeff is one of the faces you will see back in the parts department here at Stuart Powell. When he is not back searching through tires and floor mats you can find him blowing off steam at the golf course.

  • Grant Alford,
    Detail Technician

    Grant is originally a Michigan man but he has lived in the Moreland area for a while now. For around 4 years now the detail department has been serenaded with the smooth sounds of Grant's gospel tunes. That's right kids...this man sings gospel music when he is not working or spending time with his family. How cool is that? Sing it again Grant!

  • Kim Abbott,
    Parts & Service Cashier

    Ready to pay your parts & service bill? None of us ever are...but you have to eventually! This is the lady you will want to see but have no fears..Kim's favorite part about working at Stuart Powell is  interacting with the customers. One cool thing about coming to pay your bill at Stuart Powell is that if you ever have the hiccups...Kim can cure them on the spot! No lie! When she is not at work she enjoys spending time with her kids, shopping with her sister, or floating around her pool.

  • Peggy Baierlein,
    Title Clerk

    Every dealership needs someone there who loves to check our work and solve our problems. Peggy has been here 30 years doing just that and loving every minute of it...really! When asked what she enjoyed most about being part of the Stuart Powell family she said, "seeing everything through and accomplishing tasks". When Peggy isn't solving our problems she is with family and friends cooking out, swimming, or at Keeneland.

  • Annie Green, Collision Center

  • Anthony Paternoster, Service Technician

  • Ben Johnson, Internet Manager

  • Billy McMahan, Service Technician

  • Caleb Todd, Service Technician

  • Chris Russell, Reception and Warranty

  • Gary Dearing, Collision Center Technician

  • Janice Albright, Accessories Specialist

  • John Claunch, Body Shop Technician

  • Mary Middleton, Collision Center Manager

  • Porter Ryan, Detail Technician

  • Regina Kuchenbrod, Sales Consultant

  • Victoria Williams, Customer Care